The Movie ' Hyde Park ' Essay examples

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“Then a fourth cop showed up, swaggering down the hall. It was Officer Jerry. He wore black pants, a black and blue fleece jacket, and a bulletproof vest. He started to beat and kick the father violently. “Where’s the money, nigger” he shouted. “Where’s the cash?” I was shocked. I glanced at the folks I’d been taking to in the stairwell. They looked as if they’d seen this before, but they also looked anxious, sitting in silence in the apparent hope that the cops wouldn’t come for them next.” Venkatesh (2008: 235)
“You got two kinds of whites in this city, and two kinds of blacks. You got whites who’ll beat you up if you come into their neighborhood. They live around Bridgeport and on the Southwest Side. Then you got another group that just won’t invite you in. they’ll call the police if you come in their neighborhood—like where you live, in Hyde Park. And the police will beat you up.” Venkatesh (2008: 7)
In our community much like Sudhir’s when we call the police we know that they will come as that is what we have become accustomed to. We know that a phone call to 911 is taken serious in any location or in any context. But in the community of Robert Taylor, that is not the case. Within both quotes we witness role conflict of the police through Sudhir’s eyes. On one hand we witness four policeman doing the unthinkable which is shaking people down for money. On the other hand we have a breakdown of how police truly different dependent upon where you are located, i.e., Robert…

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