Essay on The Movie ' Gladiator '

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The film I decided to analyze was that of “Gladiator” (2000). It depicts the death of Marcus Aurelius and his wishes that after he dies, a faithful Roman soldier by the name of Maximus Decimus Meridius take his place as emperor. However, Marcus Aurelius’ son, Commodus, takes matters into his own hands to guarantee that he will be the one to be proclaimed heir and ultimately, Caesar. Although, the film explores the history of Rome by including several historical figures, it is mainly based on a fictional plot. “Gladiator” includes significant figures, however modifying them and their backstories immensely, and presenting the famous gladiator fights of Rome in a way that does not align with historical evidence. The movie decides to explore the Roman historical figure, Marcus Aurelius, and the appointing of his heir that would ultimately be granted the title of Caesar. However, one key factor in determining the accuracy of the film, is that according to Larsen, “Maximus is a fictional character, so Marcus couldn’t have wanted him to succeed to the throne.” It is a key factor because the entire film is devoted to this fictional character that fought until his last breath to avenge his family and his Caesar, and also to grant his final wishes that Rome be restored into a republic. The true heir was Commodus, his legitimate son, who historically speaking was appointed by his father and in fact, according to Larsen, “Marcus formally named Commodus his co-emperor in 177 AD, which…

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