Essay The Movie ' Front Of The Class '

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I watched the movie In Front of The Class it was a movie based on a man wanting to become an elementary teacher. The movie started with Bradley Cohen as a little boy about 8 years old with Tourette syndrome, however his parents, psychiatrist, and himself didn’t know the term or that he had a disorder. He was bullied in school by the other kids. His psychiatrist told his mother that Brad is just making noises for attention and he would grow out of it. Brad’s dad would yell at him and tell him to stop acting up and Brad would tell him that he couldn’t help it, his dad would tell him nothing is wrong with him and that he needed to learn self-control.
After Brad was kicked out of class and talked down to from the principle at his school his mom went to the library and looked up medical books to find out what could be causing the behavior her son was experiencing. She discovered that it was Tourette’s syndrome and brought him back to his psychiatrist and informed him of her discovered information and asked to find out what they have available to help her son, he informed her that there isn’t a cure for Tourette’s Syndrome. She did everything she could to encourage her son to live a normal life and not to let this syndrome take control of his life.
He had to enroll into another school and the kids all made fun of him right away. His teacher sent him to the office for making too much noise. When he met the principle, the principle asked him “What is school for?” Brad just stared…

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