Essay The Movie Freedom Writers, Directed By Richard Lagravenese

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I recently watched the movie Freedom Writers, directed by Richard LaGravenese took place in Woodrow Wilson high school in Los Angeles, California in 1992. The film was about a highly inspiring teacher Mrs. Erin Gruwell who is fresh out of college, played by actress Hilary Swank. The story line is about integration, high school students that are not interested in learning, in light of the lifestyles they live. The setting of the movie was based in a low poverty area that involved gang life, black and Latino people would be shot or beat due to their race. Mrs. Gruwell’s was hired to teach a group of freshmen students with a fifth-sixth grade reading levels. On the first day of class there was no structure in the classroom, students sat in groups of the same race. I noticed that if the students weren’t of white ethnicity they weren’t encouraged by the school staff.
The school environment was vastly negative, the students were separated by race and levels of education. There was gang related issues on and off school grounds. Non-white students didn’t receive any encouragement from the school staff, due to the fact that before they came to the school it was a distinguished school. The staff felt that they were just there considering they were forced to be there from the school district. Consequently, Mrs. Gruwell’s dad always taught her that everyone is equal and show receive an equal education. After she got this job he wasn’t confident that she could teach kids who don’t want…

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