The Movie Fed Up Is A Documentary Film Directed And Produced By Stephanie Soechtig

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The movie Fed Up is a documentary film directed and produced by Stephanie Soechtig, who has directed and produced Under the Gun and Tapped which are two other documentaries. The film, Fed Up, focuses on the causes of obesity in the United States and how the government has failed to stop the food industry from putting extra sugar in their products. The beginning of the film opens with different warnings from doctors and The Journal of the American Medical Association about an epidemic that has seem to happen overnight. The epidemic mentioned would be the attack of sugar on products. Some of the reasons sugar has been labeled as an epidemic would be because around 80 percent of all processed foods in grocery stores have added sugar that have contributed to child obesity. Early on in the film, there can be several different voices heard that are all saying the same thing, that it is the person’s fault for being fat. However there is one voice that stands out the most and that would be a man’s voice that stated, “Kids are obese for two reasons. They have voracious appetites and they don’t exercise enough.” After that statement, Dr. Mark Hyman came on to the screen to tell people that it seemed that the food industry was sending the message that it was the consumers fault that they were fat and they just needed to exercise more and eat less. The saying “eat less exercise more” may not be the answer that everyone believes it to be, it seems that for more than a century people…

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