The Movie ' Equilibrium Directed By Kurt Wimmer Essay

798 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
In the year 2015 violent events is not new to the modern society. Violence is a physical behavior that involves force intended to hurt someone. Since the 1600s, philosophers have tried to speculate the natural condition of mankind which included violence. Many could control their anger impulse that leads to violence, but for others may fall into the depths of using violence, impelling them to cause destruction and harm. Some say that violent behavior is the unfortunate side effect of our society, meanwhile others say that in reality we are genetically exposed to evil behaviors through inherent features of humanity. Even though there is good in this world, violence and evil is the fundamental aspect of our nature, “no advance in human knowledge can stop humans attacking and persecuting others” (John Gray). In the movie Equilibrium directed by Kurt Wimmer, violence is a fundamental part of human nature shown through the killing of the resistances, enforcers, and Father.

Violence is necessary for survival and it’s the only way to show power and restore order by killing the resistances. The modern world is the reflection of history because humans are capable to but also war and murder, justified or not, “The danger, in short, of assuming that Homo sapiens has a natural instinct for war is that it can become a highly destructive self-fulfilling prophecy, not only closing off possible avenues of peaceful conflict resolution, but actually making war more likely” (David P.…

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