The Movie Crash : The Issue Of Racism Essays

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Humans acquire racial views through family relationships, socialization and cultural influences. In the movie Crash, the issue of racism was examined and expressed through the challenges the main characters faced and how they were intertwined with one another. Through these characters, we begin to see that humans learn from their experiences. For example, when the older white cop found out that his father’s insurance got rejected, he took out his anger on the African American couple who was driving home. When the cop molested the African American woman in front of her husband, he was exerting his power over them. After the wife was molested, the husband blamed it on all of the white people and made the assumption that they are against the African American people (Haggis, 2004). This situation could happen to anyone and people change as a result of these types of experiences. From this we can conclude that humans learn and make decisions as a result of their experiences as well as their culture, and through family relationships.
The Movie Crash
Many factors relate to whether someone is racist or not. According to the movie Crash, everyone is racist regardless of how they are perceived on the outside. Throughout the movie the characters changed as the challenges in their lives evolved. “The main theme of the film is that all people subscribe to racial and ethnic stereotypes and that these stereotypes surface in a variety of ways as people continuously interact with one…

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