The Movie, Clash Of The Titans Essay

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It was sad to learn how arrogant the Gods were. Gods, and Zeus in particular, were made out to be perfect in all aspects. When really, the Gods tricked and pushed mankind around, as if they were merely silly chess pieces for the Gods’ amusement. Yet, there was one Titan that gave the Gods’ a taste of their own medicine, or inedible meat. Yes, Prometheus was a trickster, however, he was also a great benefactor to the human race, and very under appreciated. Zeus, in the modern era, has been portrayed as a sensitive and caring God. He proceeds to mount any woman he sees fit, but then justifies his actions by saying he did it all for mankind. In the movie, Clash of the Titans (2010), Zeus ended up getting Perseus’s mother (Danae) killed. In the Greek Mythology text book the tales states how he seduced Danae, and ended up impregnating her. Her father whom was furious, sent her and Zeus son into a coffin be thrown over a cliff (Buxton, 104). Viewers who are unaware of Zeus’ constant raping and pillaging throughout Ancient History, would see this sexual scene, and shrug it off, because later in the movie, he apologized to Perseus, and gave him a gift (a divine sword), as a token of fatherly ‘love’. Cry me a river, Zeus, because I know in reality how devious and easily provoked you were. I’ve chosen topic one, and I will be proving that Prometheus was more than just a trickster. By doing so, I will mention his clever attempt to hide fire for mankind, his ability to see his own…

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