Essay on The Movie Cinderella Man By James J. Braddock

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The movie Cinderella Man is a biographical film based on the life of boxer James J. Braddock during the Great Depression. The movie vividly illustrates his struggles as the main protagonist suffering through a nation hit by the stock market crash. October 29, 1929 is the date known to many as Black Tuesday, but to many others it was the day their lives would be changed for years to come. This day marked the stock market crash and a new lifestyle for the people in the next decade. James Braddock was one of the investors that lost everything in the crash and the film Cinderella Man leads the audience through the eyes of Braddock and his family. Movies of this nature often inaccurately portray history for the sake of Hollywood; they tend to either exaggerate events or skip over others. Surprisingly, the film Cinderella Man accurately depicts the struggles people endured during the time of the Great Depression through the overall visual effect, the life of Jim Braddock, and his boxing career.

The film does an incredible job at conveying the overall visual effect of the cities ravaged by the Great Depression. In order to achieve this, the movie uses costumes, historically accurate sets, sound, and actors. The crew recreated New York’s Madison Square Garden in Toronto by completely redressing the street to make it resemble a 1930’s New York City during the Depression. The set gives the viewer an accurate image of a street from that time period complete with fake store fronts,…

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