The Movie Captain America Civil War Essay

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Consequences entail the negative or positive outcomes resulting from an action. The everyday decisions that citizens make worldwide result in repercussions that may have seemed unimaginable in their lives and the lives of others. In comparison, characters in literature also make split-second decisions, leading to events that may either benefit or harm them. The movie Captain America Civil War clearly demonstrates the topic of actions carry consequences. The Avengers team works together to stop Ultron from dropping Sokovia over Transia. Sokovia’s weight could easily wipe out the entire world when dropped from the height from which it was held. The Avengers bar this catastrophe from occurring, however because of all of the chaos, they do not realize that many innocent people lost their lives. As a result of this bloody battle and many others, a group of heads of state drafts a document known as the Sokovia Accords, which severely limits the freedom of the Avengers. This consequence divides the members of the Avengers and transforms them forever. The characters Okonkwo and Paul from Things Fall Apart and Hotel Rwanda clearly express many examples of such impactful actions and the resulting consequences, some of which remain very serious for themselves and others. Actions define a person based on how they handle the situation presented. The characters that face crises choose paths that reflect how they act as a person: whether they fight, run, or comply. Actions do carry…

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