The Movie Bullied, Is Based On A True Story About A Boy Named Jamie

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The movie Bullied, is based on a true story about a boy named Jamie, who was subjected every day in middle school and high school to harassment and abuse because he was gay. Every year he prayed things would change, but they never did. He tried to seek help from his teachers and principals, but no one ever seemed to care enough to take action. As a result, their failure to protect him only encouraged this behavior, making his situation worse. He tried everything he could to escape, but he always ended up back where he started. Eventually, he was able to escape, he ran away to the city, where he finally meets someone who listened to his story and advised him to take legal action. After talking to his mother, they decided to go ahead with the lawsuit against the school and staff. At first, his case was dismissed, but he fought it and eventually won, making it so that public schools had to protect all students from bullies, no matter their sexual orientation. Jamie’s decision to stand up and fight back against bullying, made it so that student’s will all be protected and his strength and courageous actions has given others who are or have been a victim of bullying new hope. A film on anti-gay bullying is necessary because for some reason our society has a hard time or hesitates to discuss issues when it comes to taking a stand against bullying when it involves an individual who is not heterosexual. Given the fact, people are still hesitant to accept individuals in the gay,…

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