The Movie ' Antwone Fisher ' Essays

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The drama film Antwone Fisher is about a temperamental young man with a violent history who is serving in the United States Navy. After, getting into a fist fight with one of his leading officers, Fisher was sentenced to the captain’s mast where he was demoted, fined, and restricted from the ship for forty-five days. His commanding officer also ordered for him to get psychiatric treatment because of his continuous aggressive behavior displayed in recent months. Dr. Jerome Davenport was Navy’s psychologist, who Fisher was appointed to see. Fisher had to engage in three cooperative sessions before returning back to duty. Dr. Davenport opens up by saying, “So I heard you like to fight.” Fisher responded, “It’s the only way some people learn.” Dr. Davenport asked Fisher is there something he would like to talk about, but Fisher says there’s nothing wrong. Dr. Davenport ask Fisher where is he from. Fisher responds by stating he’s from under a rock. Dr. Davenport scheduled Fisher to come to another visit, but Fisher says he’s not coming to anymore. The next day two men had to escort Fisher to Dr. Davenport office. Fisher was outraged protesting that he is not seeking or need any psychiatric assistance. Fisher’s behavior displays Sigmund Freud’s defense mechanism theory. People use defense mechanism to prevent ourselves from feeling anxiety or guilt. When anxiety occurs, the mind first responds by an increase in problem solving thinking, seeking rational ways of escaping the…

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