The Movie ' Air Bud ' Essay

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The past half-century has been the age of electronic mass media (Sachs, 441), there were so many impressive and good movies in this period, like superhero series. But I do not want to talk about guys can fly or shoot spider web, this paper’s protagonist is a golden retriever, named “Air Bud”. The “Air Bud” is a series American and Canadian comedy film started in 1997. The film Air Bud continues to elicit mixed reactions amongst its audiences from across the globe with some sections of the audiences showering it with praises while others bear a different view. This study will seek to explore the various issues surrounding the movie including the various views as held by different audiences about the film, its characters and their relationships with each other and the viewer, some of its interesting episodes as well as its major contributors among others.
These movies revolve around a twelve-year- old boy named Josh and a Golden Retriever dog named Buddy. A golden retriever is a friendly dog that makes him a family pet. He is very popular in America. They are normally natural athletes and can also snip drugs, retrieve items as well as track them. These film has generated many direct –to-video sequels, one theater-released sequel, and a spin-off film series. Each film has seen a Buddy learn how to play a different sport and even have puppies. The initial movie began in 1997 which was the Air Bud after which a theatrical release followed which was known as the “Air Bud: Golden…

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