The Movement Of The Women 's Movement Essay

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In 1910, Alice Paul introduced the idea of militancy to the women’s movement. She was exasperated by the conservative methods being used and decided to take matters into her own hands. Paul organized a march of 5,000 women on Pennsylvania Avenue the day before Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration in 1913. The crowds were outraged by the women’s public display of defiance and showered the marchers with burning cigarette butts and harsh comments. This upset the NAWSA, National American Women Suffrage Association, but the result only encouraged Alice Paul. She continued with militancy tactic through protests against the Wilson Association. Months after she began protesting, she was thrown in jail. Her rough treatment behind bars strengthened her and made it clear that women needed the right to vote to ever receive proper treatment in society. When Susan B. Anthony passed her leadership on to Carrie Catt at the age of eighty, Catt changed the approach of the movement from Paul’s militancy tactics to passive aggressive protests in order to conserve resources and be more welcoming to future supporters. (CITE!!) After realizing the state-by-state approach was not working, Carrie Catt created the Winning Plan. The winning plan was a secret strategy to mobilize suffrage activists to act quickly and at the same time to surprise the country and push for a federal amendment. Less than two years after the Winning plan was adopted, the 19th amendment was ratified on August 18th, 1920.…

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