The Movement Of The Dada Movement Essay

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Throughout history most Art Movements are born from another. These art movements draw inspiration from a former movement and expand on that. In my choice of art movement I decided to choose a movement that created the well-known movement of surrealism. Surrealism lesser known parent is the movement known as Dada. I decided to choose the Dada movement because I find this movement very interesting. This movement seemed to be a big middle finger to the big wigs of the art would in the late 1915’s to the early 1925’s. Even after the movement seemed to end it still had a lasting effect on the art world. According to Martin Filler, one of the most influential things the Dada Movement did was how it changed the way art is defined, made, and perceived. Although the flame of the Dada movement lasted only about 8 years it left a huge mark on the art world in ways that are still being felt today. So what exactly is the Dada Movement? According to the Webster’s Merriam dictionary “Dada is a movement in art and literature based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional artistic values.” In other words a piece of Dada art is something that on the outside may not be considered art but when you look past the outer meaning you see something that is a representation of art. To really get a good idea of what Dada is you must first look at the where’s and why’s of its creation. Dada was first created around 1916 as a response to World War One. The response that its…

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