The Movement Of The American Labor Movement Essay

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America was founded and built on the principles of opportunity and equality for all. It was only during the Industrial Revolution that people started to feel like these principles were being disregarded. People were starting to want fair wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions. When these problems became an issue for the common worker, across the board, it ultimately led to the labor movement. Over time these group of workers transformed into a movement that came together and extended the different rights that they were fighting for, which included assisting workers who were retired or injured and to stop child labor. It is a movement that continues to this day, but it is also a movement that has needed many people to help propel it forward. There are many people that have helped in this fundamental movement that are often times forgotten or go unrecognized for their contributions to such a monolithic movement, like a man named Asa Philip Randolph.

Asa Philip Randolph was an African American, who was not only a leader in the American Labor movement, but he was also a leader in the Civil right’s movement as well. Asa Randolph was born April 15, 1889 in Crescent City, Florida. He attended the Cookman Institute in East Jacksonville, which was the only academic high school for African Americans at the time. Asa graduated at the top of his class in the year 1907. After graduating high school, Asa moved to New York, after feeling the effects of discrimination while…

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