The Mountain - Original Writing Essay

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I left her house shaking with anger. I walked to the edge of the wall while going through the hole and headed to the camp. I ran through the fields of the eastern kingdom, trying to keep a eye out for a pookin on the way. I ran until I could see the edge of the forest. I rushed towards the camp, I plan to take Akira, Sinha and Voltaire along with me to the northern kingdom. While I 'm running through the first I feel a little light headed, as I get closer to the middle of the forest. All of a sudden I fall flat on my face and I can hear breathing in front of me. I lay there thinking, and in a split second I jump up and I jump into a tree. I jump a few branches and then I fall back down out of the tree and I yell out in pain. My head feels as if it 's going to explode, I grab it and yell then it all goes black. I see the same forest but there 's another path. I follow the path through dense forest as I see the same dragon. It moves his wings as if about to take off but stops.
" You are about to meet the first guardian, you will receive the gems. Guard them with your life " it says while looking at me.
" Who are you and why am I here " I ask as I feel light headed. I wake up and I sit up. I 'm still in the forest I jump up and begin running but I stop, and I hear a deep but soft voice in my head.
You 're in grave danger... Look at your elders when they are speaking
I look up and I see a huge black wolf inches from me standing and looking at me. It 's him and he has a white…

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