The Mound Builders ( Cahokia ) Essay

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The Mound Builders (Cahokia) We in the United State have been lead to believe that our for fathers that landed at James town and Plymouth were the first civilized civilization to inhabit this country. Ignorantly disregarding the indigenous people that already inhabited these lands. The United State went as far as creating an Act in congress to rid the Native American culture and steal land that the Indians inhabited the "Removal Act of 1830, which ordered the relocation of eastern Indians to land west of the Mississippi, was premised on the idea that Indians were nomadic savages who couldn 't make good use of land anyway (Hodges)."Though evidence of an Indian cultured civilization was present the evidence was mostly ignored or passed off as other societies" "Phoenicians or Vikings or perhaps a lost tribe of Israel(Hodges)."Not until as recently has the U.S. Goverment given resources to look in to the vast amount of archaeological sources left by the Indians. One such source that the Indian dotted the countryside with our earth mounds. These mounds are indicative of the ones build in South America by the Incan Indians. The mounds in the U.S. have be a myster for many years although information uncovered early on by independent entrepreneurs such as the Dickson family the one time owners of the property that contains the Dickson mound in western Illinois thought the Mound were just a Indian burial ground. Currently archaeologist have come to the conclusion that these…

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