The Motives Behind Foreign Investment Essay

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1. What are your research aim(s), questions and/or objectives?
The principle research aim leading this piece of research is “A discussion of the motivations behind foreign investment in the London property market”. In addition, a number of sub questions and themes will also be addressed. These will include:
• Identifying different types of financial investment in London and who the investors are.
• Recognising trends of London property prices throughout recent history.
• Housing bubbles, what exactly they are, and their effects.
• Perception of foreign investment by locals and the British media.
• Comparison of London with an equivalent area of investment e.g. Oxford/Cambridge.
• The effect of the current economic shock in the economies of China and Russia, and the consequence this has had on foreign investment in London.
There are several reasons for me choosing this topic for my geography thesis. Firstly, it is an area of geography that particularly interests me, and I feel that the potential volatility of the property market and the type of demographic investing within it make for an exciting area of study. Secondly, it is an area that has not been extensively researched in academia. Finally, in culminating the two previous points I feel that the piece of research is both original and feasible within the given time and study constraints.

2. What is your research design and methodology? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the methods and/or techniques…

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