The Motive Of A Successful Criminal Investigation Essay

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The motive, a cornerstone to a successful criminal investigation, is often glorified by television crime series as the missing piece to the puzzle, and until one is identified, the case is cold. Even when the facts, chronological records, and circumstances unanimously determine guilt, justice struggles to bring remote comfort. Determining that indeed it was the Butler, in the conservatory with a candlestick, still provokes a troubling, unanswered question, why? Like a crime without the discovery of a motive, are students without the inclination or willingness to identify the reason for their college attendance. Although William Zinsser proposes in his article, “College Pressures,” that students have become victim to the competition, rigorous coursework, and demands of college, it is the motive of the student that determines their college experience. Just as Zinsser wishfully submitted in his essay, college education ought to be enjoyed and coveted as a period of exploration and opportunity in the life of a student without contradiction from sources of pressure, whether external or internal. In his article, Zinsser fears the risks associated with a “goal obsessed” attitude and the affect it will have on students ' lives. An obsession with the end result and the necessary steps to reach the next destination, will blind ambition and distract an open mind. Examining a student 's true goal and objectives they hope to achieve during college will help reveal if the student…

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