The Motivation of Fred Maiorino Essay

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In July of 1991, Fred Maiorino lost his job as a sales representative for Schering-Plough after several years as a top salesperson. After a lengthy court case and trial, Fred won a lawsuit in the state of New Jersey for age discrimination and was awarded $8.44 million in 1994. Whether or not Fred’s age was the reason Maiorino was actually a factor is beyond the scope of this paper or the information on hand. The jury that sat for the trial certainly has more details and first-hand accounts of the issues; the jury decided in favor of Maiorino and, with a little faith in our justice system, I will accept their decision. After a review related to motivation, I discuss the actions Schering-Plough took to motivate Fred and the way feedback and …show more content…
7). During the court proceedings, Fred states that he felt the beginning of the breakdown when the company introduced an early retirement option in, but he refused. He was later told that not accepting the early retirement option was foolish. This perceived disturbance in the interpersonal relationship between Reed would have also caused Fred to lose his sense of security with his position. When he accused Reed of spying on him, he also showed that he felt anxiety toward the company policy of random tardiness checks.
What Schering did to Motivate Fred
When Reed first became Fred’s supervisor in September of 1987, it seems like Reed and Fred had a positive working relationship. Reed even asked Maiorino for leadership and help increasing Schering’s sales. One of the first things that Reed did as manager was implementing the new performance measuring system. The former evaluation system was only based on a quota sales system, at which Fred always excelled. In the second half of 1987, Fred was number 1 in the district and number 12 in the region. In 1988, despite again being the top representative in his district, Reed gave Fred a “Good” rating at his mid-year performance evaluation. This rating was Fred’s lowest ever and lower than all of the other districts representatives.
In 1989, Reed noticed that on one drug,

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