Essay about The Motivation Of People, Based On Our Own Preconceptions

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When looking at the questions of motivation, one must look at all sides of those involved. There is a great tendency to misattribute the motivation of people, based on our own preconceptions. As written about in our primary text, the actor-observer bias causes us to attribute motivations of others to more dispositional reasons, whereas the other person usually sees them as situational (Petri and Govern, 2013). For my analysis of a current event in the context of attribution motivation, I have chosen a road rage incident in Detroit. An automobile painter was shot and killed by a fellow motorist while driving in Detroit. The other motorist was stopped on the street and blocking the road. The painter told him to move. After an argument, the painter reentered his vehicle and left. The painter was then followed by the other motorist who eventually shot him in the chest. Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt is quoted by the news article author, G. Hunter (2015), as saying “Preliminarily, it looks like this was a road rage incident.”
First, let us look at the painter. There are several identifiable behaviors that inherently are motivated. The first one is the driving. His travel in the area was motivated by, as mentioned in the article, the need to get the down payment for a job he was supposed to do. His reason for driving down this particular street may have been precipitated by the location of his destination or traffic patterns. Both of these are situational…

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