The Mother 's Rebirth By Julia Alvarez Essay

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The Mother’s Rebirth The story “Daughter of Invention” by Julia Alvarez is about self-renovation/rebirth which Alvarez examines through conflict. “When we no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.” –Vito Frankl. Frankl’s point was often you must change yourself or an aspect befitting your predicament. What I’ve observed is each character goes through a change/renovation. Each developing differently based on their experiences and circumstances. In this essay, I will focus on a specific character and their relationship to the narrator. Her mother the self-driven inventor; “But in her lighted corner, like some devoted scholar burning the midnight oil my mother was inventing sheets pulled to her lap…” In just the first two paragraphs the narrator characterizes her mother as an ambitious inventor. One that would stay up late to pencil down her ideas. The narrator also mentions it was the only time she and her sisters would see her sitting. “…for she herself was living proof of the Perpetuum mobile machine so many inventors had sought over the ages.” Her mother 's drive was noticeable that had pushed her to explore and be imaginative. Her mother no longer living in her home country D.R. had a new aspiration and here it could happen. She would reach the limits, brainstorm crazy creative inventions.
After five to six years living in America, she was inspired to create, within her household that is. Things that would make housework easier and…

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