The Mother Who Never Was By Lisa K. Buchanan Essay example

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We all know someone who 's had a child before they turned twenty one. Over two hundred thousand babies are born to mothers under the age of 20 in the U.S. The Mother Who Never Was by Lisa K. Buchanan is a story of a mother 's feelings years after surrendering her daughter only to find out she can no longer have children. Anna the protagonist can’t speak to her daughter and wants to know how she 's doing and who she is becoming as a person. The first person perspective allows the reader to fully grasp how Anna truly feel about the decisions she has made. Throughout life we must make decisions and those choices will have an impact on our life forever, like the protagonist Anna who how made the decision to give up her daughter because she wasn 't ready financially and didn 't have the space. Being only eighteen Anna was unable to support herself or her child, nor did she have the space for a newborn. Due to the predicament Anna was in she knew it would be the right choice to give her daughter up for adoption, an older family adopted Anna’s baby who had the money and the space, and could give anna 's baby everything she couldn 't.Anna moves on and is alway thinking of her daughter naturally like any mother would, but she 's devastated when she finds out she can no longer have children. If only Anna was aware earlier. “If only they could have predicted that she would be the only child i would conceive” (Buchanan 288), the author implies that if Anna knew earlier in life that…

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