The Mother Set Impossible Standards Essay

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Parents are like superheroes of their children “after seeing my mother 's disappointed face once again, something inside of me began to die” (Schillb). Effective parenting is being aware of your children; listening to your children, monitoring their physical health, but the utmost, helping their emotional health. In the end, most parents just want to provide for their children and take care of them. Some parents are not active enough in their children 's life, or some take it too far. The Mother in Two Kinds by Amy Tan portrayed ineffective parenting due to her impossible high standards; however, parents in The Perils of Parenting in the Digital Age have characteristics of proper parenting because of their awareness of the children’s career. In Two Kinds, the main character Jing-Mei Woo, also known as June had an absent, always working father and a mother. Her mother “believed you could be anything you wanted in America” but took that the wrong way (Schillb). The Mother set impossible standards due to the shows types of media she consumes. There was a variety of popular tv shows including ”Shirley Temple” and “The Ed Sullivan Show”, to magazines the mother picked up on the way from work like ”Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, or “Good Housekeeping”, and other people to try to form June. June as a cousin named Waverly, and her aunt deemed her as “Chinatown’s Littlest Chinese Chess Champion”, June’s mother refuted back “Our problem worse than yours. If we ask Jing-mei wash dish,…

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