The Mother Of Software Who Never Looked Back Essay

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The Grandmother of Software Who Never Looked Back Clocks dot the workplaces of people spanning the globe, and the vast majority of those clocks move perpetually clockwise. However, Grace Hopper, a naval computer engineer, owned a clock that was the exception. Her clock moved counterclockwise (Cushman B6) and was an expression of her gravitation towards creative change instead of always solving problems in the same way. Throughout her career, her personal conviction shone through as she shook up computing for the better. As a naval computer engineer, Hopper developed a dream goal of democratizing software to make computers accessible to everyone so that they could make their own impact on the world. She turned computers from the mystical tool that only academics with a seemingly unattainable level of knowledge could use to the tool that a variety of different people all use on a regular basis today. Grace Hopper made her goal to make computing accessible to all due to her encouraging childhood, her desire to spread her love of technology to others, and the inaccessibility of computers; she thus advanced the field of computer science, made programming applicable to multiple fields, and gave others the tools to change the world. Role models are responsible for shaping a young child’s mind for the adult years ahead and for young Grace Hopper that role model was her father, Walter Fletcher Murray, who guided her towards a life in which she embraced technology and education.…

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