The Most Violent Armed Conflict During The World War II Essay

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On September 1, 1939 yet another chapter of the modern era had begun, although, this chapter was filled with the most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind, otherwise known as the Second World War. The Second World War took the lives of over 60 million people, who died of bombings, mass murder, and even starvation. To ensure freedom the Axis Powers were brought to justice by the Allies, the Axis could not distinguish their strength to fight the Allies due to all the weaknesses that prevented them from winning the Second World War. The Axis were weakened by their inability to win major battles throughout the war, which was a costly characteristic for the Axis. Italy was also a weakness for the Axis, as a result of their lack of desire to fight, and cooperate throughout the war. One other weakness that costed the Axis Powers to assist one another was due to the dispersion of the Axis, which in result made providing military assistance an immense issue. The entry of the United States into the Second World War also played a major role in the lose of the Axis Power, because without the United States the Allies would not have been able to defeat the Axis at major battles. Throughout the Second World War the Axis Powers were brought to their knees due to their inability to win major battles. One of the major battles that the Axis could not win was the Battle of Britain. Hitler’s plan to invade the British mainland hinged on Germany first demolishing the Royal Air…

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