The Most Supreme ' Witch ' Of Our Generation Essay

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The most supreme “witch” of our generation

Many of us remember watching the girl with the frizzy hair and “I know it all” attitude as she tries to blend in, but eventually stands out. Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, would have never imagined how this role would have changed her life and defined who she is at the age of nine. Being a child star, she gains the admiration of many, but at the same time being scrutinized by the media. Growing up in the entertainment industry can put a lot of pressure on a person, especially a child, causing them to mature way too rapidly. Many child star would have been consumed by fame and fortune and would eventually turn out to be rebellious. However, Emma Watson demonstrates a sense of maturity while maintaining her virtue. She successfully casts the public 's conventional "expectations" away as she gracefully walks down the aisle of an feminism activist and shows the world the true definition of being a celebrity. Even though Americans would expect Emma Watson to turn out like the majority of child stars in the U.S.: rebellious, carefree, and defiant, she does the exact opposite during her pivotal point of fame through the phenomenal of Harry Potter on pop culture, such as earning a higher education to demonstrate how similar she is with her character, advocating for gender equality, and being a role model for many young people as well as celebrities through the approach of…

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