The Most Rewarding Part Of Nursing Essay example

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The most rewarding part of nursing is to be able to help people as a career. However, it is not always as nice as it sounds to be. I was stroked with an event during my clinical rotation in the last year of my nursing school 1993 that influenced my decision making in my nursing career. A 7 year old boy was brought to ER who was a severe burning victim with no one inch of normal skin. The kid, coming from a very low income family, suffered from the burning accident in a concrete trash house came into the ER all black in color. The family, was so poor that all they could collect from all the relatives they had was 900 yuan (Chinese currency) while the minimum requirement deposit for burning treatment was over 10,000yuan. The boy, without any medical treatment, screamed in the ER hallway for the whole night before he passed away the next morning. For a long time following this event, I doubted my choice as being a nurse. Can I really help all those who need help? I felt so helpless myself in situation like that. I burst into tears even today recalling the boy’s scream and moaning. I came a long way from China to US and settled down as a nurse here. When I saw the mission of ------ nursing school is to help underserved population, I heard the calling! It has been 21 years since I graduated nursing school. I had up and downs in my nursing career. There were opportunities to other jobs with better pay but never anything other than health care itself filled my and heart with…

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