The Most Popular Super Hero Of All Time Essay

2377 Words Dec 9th, 2014 10 Pages
Nija Burnette
Professor Felix Germain
African Studies 1100
9 December 2014
Growing up, many little boys wanted to be the super heroes they watched on the television. Most people can recall the ending word of the phrase: “Look! Up in the sky! It 's a bird, it 's a plane, it 's...” The most popular super hero of all time was Superman and the focus of the previous phrase. He had super strength and speed, could fly, was invulnerable, had x-ray vision, and superhuman hearing. Superman was the ideal citizen, admired by all, and always saved the day. He was truly selfless (DC Comics, 1). Although a human could never measure up to the super natural being of what is Superman, his characteristics demonstrated qualities of what can be considered to be a man throughout history. These same boys who watched him in admiration would grow up to be lawyers, doctors, and firefighters with the world and its opportunities ahead of them while some would continuously be knocked down by society’s barriers for who they could become and what they could do. This was hardly the American Dream that was portrayed on the televisions they watched. It is widely considered from time to time and from culture to culture that providing and protecting are accepted social norms of what a man does because he is a man. He stands up for his people in times of trouble, has high moral standing, and shows integrity day in and day out. It is valid to question if society is welcoming of all men, promoting success to be…

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