Essay The Most Popular Contemporary Female Recording

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In 2005 the world was blessed with what was soon to be one of the most popular contemporary female recording artists in the world. This artist born December 13, 1989 in Reading Pennsylvania was Taylor Alison Swift. At the age of 14, she moved to Nashville with artist development RCA records. When she was 15 she left RCA due to belief that she was ready to go big and they thought she should wait. At this point Swift made her first real appearance at an industry showcase at Nashville’s Blue Bird Café. She caught the attention of Scott Borchetta, an executive with Dream Works Records. Borchetta, who was in the early stages of navigating away from Dream Works, in anticipation of starting his own independent record label. His label was eventually known as Big Machine Records. After seeing Taylor Swift for the first time Borchetta told Billboard Magazine “he could sense that he was in the presence of an unusually talented, focused young woman who would change both their lives”. He also said "The amount of songs in her and sophisticated ideas at 15 were pretty extraordinary." He expressed that "True talent is ageless," Borchetta spoke his feelings during that first meeting just over a decade ago. Swift and Borchetta have worked hand in hand since.
Together Swift and Borchetta created her day view album Taylor Swift which was released in October 2005. She received generally positive reviews from music critics, and it earned a title as a Platinum Album. The album sold 39,000 copies…

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