The Most Outstanding Beauty I Find Essay examples

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FIN. In this world, I find many things beautiful, world, nature, laughter, storytelling. Yet the most outstanding beauty I find is in relationships. There are many factors that makes up what we define as a relationship. The manners, traditions, tones, and lastly the feelings and the thoughts towards that person. Have you ever caught yourself, kindly smiling when you see a happy family walking and laughing down the road? Or the times you have a Christmas dinner with family and the wide and long table is boiling with happy spirits and engaging conversations. I find these times beautiful. Additionally, from the material things, I find books beautiful. That leather cover of a first edition print, the fresh smell of the paper that activates your imaginative system and you fly away to the world of assumptions, enigma of what journey these pages will take you through. That gives me goosebumps and I love it. Every book is not only unique but also individually speaks to you. I have noticed that sometimes, a book you read defines your personality. For example, I love the Harry Potter series which is where all my crazy imaginations and ideas come from. I’m also obsessed with all of the novels written by Nicholas Sparks, which is where my romantic side kicks in. I could say that all these words have made me who I am today, and it so beautiful to see people bloom. In my family, I was raised to value friendship, enjoy life, and give kindness, if I have the opportunity to do so. To…

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