The Most Memorable Place For My Life Essay

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I was born in Seoul Korea January 3rd 1991. As early as I can remember I lived with my parents and my grandparents. When I was four years old my younger brother was born. My parents came into house holding my brother in their arms. This moment is still clear to me as it had happened yesterday. In 1995, I and my family had to move to United States temporarily for my father’s job. For three years, I had the chance to experience American preschool and kindergarten. Although this was long time ago, I still remember the happy days with my parents in United States. Our family travelled most of the western states of United States including California, Washington, and Oregon. We even went to Canada to see glacier in the north. Among these locations, the most memorable place for me was Disney World. Just like many kids I really enjoyed the scenery and rides in this amusement park. This was my first tourist experience in my life; I was too young to go to any other amusement park in Korea. After three years, our family returned to Korea. For several months I was little alienated to Korean students because my accent was little different from them just like Korean Americans. However, I was soon able to make friends. I stayed in Korea for eight years. When I was a freshman in Korea, I had the chance to visit United States as an exchange student. I became a member of host family who had mom, dad, and one brother. They lived in rural region in Illinois called Decatur, which was small…

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