The Most Memorable Moment Of My Life

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Unnoticeable Memories

In the modern world, people celebrate the successes of their lives by capturing moments through pictures, then posting those memories online for everyone to see, in hopes of gaining attention from others and receiving positive feedback. At least this is the supposed purpose of social media, to make the events of one’s life more available to everyone else with just the click of a mouse. Of course, most people choose to make their life appear to be filled with happiness and joyful times. Not everyone likes to share the sad moments of their life on the internet, as these are more personal and tend to remain private. When one reflects back on the memories of their life, they want to reflect back on the memorable moments, reminiscing about that summer at the lake before starting college or how great the band was at their wedding. For this reason, people tend to keep their own problems at home and off of Facebook. Technology has never been as influential as it is right now. The world
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I wouldn’t have whole spans of time left up to the imagination, like the huge gap on my Instagram page where I forgot to post something for four months. The problem is, some of the most memorable moments of my life, the ones that matter the most, haven’t been captured on film. If I had pictures of everything that has ever made me smile, I would post it. The same thing goes for anything that has ever made me cry, because it is those moments that have shaped me into the person that I am. My curated album would include pictures ranging from my first kiss to bowing onstage after opening night’s performance, because it is these little feelings, small seconds in the expanse of time, that define who I am. These small, uncapturable details will always be the most important memories of my

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