The Most Memorable Day of My Life Essay examples

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Gisela Lopez
Ms. S. Nylander
English 1A
August 26, 2012
The Most Memorable Day of my Life
The most memorable day of my life was, September 4, 1995 in Chicago, IL. It was 6:00 a.m. when my alarm clock woke me up. The first day of high school was finally here. I was excited, but a lot more nervous. I got out of bed, got ready, and then was on my way to the bus stop. All I could think of is the stories I heard about high school being so horrible with all the mean teachers, the hard tests, and of course being a freshman does not help either. The bus ride to the school was only 30 minutes, but it seemed a lot longer. When we finally got there, I was more nervous than ever. The day ahead of me was about to get a lot more
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The JROTC class even got to march in several parades, that was when I had hoped that the color guard from south shore high school could march in the rose parade one year, but it never happened. I was very nervous when I first started high school, but as the days and year progressed, I found out that everyone is nervous the first time they start anything new. Therefore, I held my head up high because I was not the only new student starting high school that year.
In the afternoon my friends and I went to Carl´s Jr. However, to get there, on the way, we got lost among the streets. After so much time we arrived to the fast food restaurant. We had lunch, played jokes and almost started a “food fight” among us. Then we went back to our homes.

At night, we were playing outside in the streets. It was like 11 p.m. and we were playing hide and seek. Everybody had been found, except for john he was the only one missing. So all of us screamed his name along the street, but nothing happened. On our street there was an empty house, the day before, we had opened it to play. We thought that he was there due to us seeing a shadow of a boy running up the stairs. We yelled at him, and suddenly john came out of his house saying that he was in the bathroom. My friends and I were freaked out and after that, each one of us went home.

We will never know who that shadow was. That night was a very

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