The Most Inspirational Person I Can Be The Best Man I Never Had

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The battle ready dad I never had

Everyday I try to be the best man I can be. I attribute that to the most inspirational person I can think of, Jeff Jury. He helped show me what its means to be a man with sports by instilling values, goals, and motivation in me. So on the days when I feel as if I have survived a skirmish with life itself, I use the same characteristics as in football to draw strength and perseverance enabling me to get out of bed and carry on with my life. Each morning as I drift back to consciousness and one by one my senses return. I can hear the muffled sounds of my youngest girl’s calls to be let out of her nightly prison; I feel the waves of the night’s cool air rushing along my back from the fan, followed by the faint smells of roses and candy wafting from my wife’s morning shower. Lastly I feel the pains and dull aches of past days and stresses start flooding back, as my mind starts to boot up. I want to lie back down and just sleep; but Coach’s words ring in my ears, “A man gets UP, and gets IT done! A man CONTROLS his pain! A man says CAN, boys say CAN’T! Time to man up brother!”
That’s my daily pep talk, and it helps me push all the pain and stress deep down inside and lock it away, allowing me to focus on the tasks at hand. Then I shake everything loose, stand tall and square up my shoulders. I know I have people that need to stand on my shoulders. The truth is that I prepare for a struggle I don’t know anything about. As I grew up I did not…

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