Essay about The Most Influential Leaders Of All Time

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When considering who the most influential leaders of all time are, I can’t help but look to our national leaders, the Presidents of the United States, as prime examples. There are a myriad of great leaders in our Nation’s history. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson laid the foundation of our Nation with the establishment of a “more perfect union”. Abraham Lincoln did more than hold our Nation together during its most trying period; following the Civil War it was clear that the United States would forever be united. Theodore Roosevelt’s policies helped to bring our nation into its greatest economic boom. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s policies ended the Korean War, built the National Interstate System, and created a National Space Agency. However, the president who I feel left the greatest legacy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the longest serving president in United States history and successfully led us through World War II. As a result our nation became the greatest world power, maintaining that status ever since. The purpose of this paper is to explain the immense legacy that has been left by Franklin Roosevelt, how his attributes and competencies have contributed to our community, how his legacy has developed me personally as a leader, and the legacy I hope to leave behind in return. I’d like to start by comparing Roosevelt’s attributes to the attributes that are depicted in the modern United States Army’s Leadership Requirements Model. Let’s start with his character.…

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