Essay on The Most Influential Jazz Musicians Of All Time

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Louis Armstrong is considered to be one of the greatest and most influential jazz musicians of all time. Coming into prominence in the 1920s, his fame stretched across decades through his unique style of trumpet playing, playing in bands of some of the more influential jazz musicians, being mentored by influential jazz musicians and becoming a nationwide cultural icon, not just in the view of the entertainment industry, but in the view of all of America (Megill, 76). His inventiveness, improvisation techniques, and his skill with the trumpet proved to be pivotal in the development of jazz. Louis Armstrong’s origins can best be characterized as humble, he was born on August 4, 1901, in a slum of New Orleans known as “the Battlefield”. Armstrong’s parents were severely poor, his father was a factory worker who abandoned him at age five and Armstrong’s mother frequently turned to prostitution to make money, leaving Armstrong to be raised by his grandmother, Josephine Armstrong (, Younger Years), who despite all discouragements, kept Armstrong attending both church and school. At age six, Armstrong moved back in with his mother in a red-light district of New Orleans, called Storyville and spent large portion of his time caring for his sister, while his mother worked (, Childhood in New Orleans). Armstrong began looking for work at age seven, he took jobs selling newspapers and vegetables, while also making money singing in a small group, this was when he earnt…

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