The Most Influential Composer Of History Essay

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As a composer, Franz Joseph Haydn created many symphonies and refreshing pieces for the world to hear. He began his career after his voice broke; he decided to make a living off of teaching and playing violin. Haydn also studied counterpart and harmony. He became an assistant composer for Nicola Porpora and was named the court musician in the Esterházy family, and became accustomed to being isolated from other composers. Since he was isolated from the musical trends of the world, his works were unique, which is one of the reasons why he is the most influential composer in history. Symphony Number 94, otherwise known as the Surprise Symphony, created different opinions of Franz Joseph Haydn. The audience who was listening to this symphony was lured into Haydn’s trap, a beautiful melody followed by a fortissimo chord. This happened throughout the piece, teasing and taunting the audience. He wanted the audience, specifically ones who fall asleep during slow parts, to be “surprised” by the sudden loud noise. Some hated the piece, while others loved it. Haydn admitted that he added in the surprise to beat rivals and be memorable to the listener’s ear. He became more popular after composing and playing an opera, symphonies, and many other pieces in London, a place he visited two times and became even more inspired to make symphonies. Haydn’s interpretation of classical music led him to create one-hundred-and-six symphonies. He became popular not only from…

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