Essay on The Most Important Value Of Life

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Independence Is a very important value in life and sometimes isn 't appreciated as much as it should be. Most people don 't realize that one day in your life you are going to be forced to be independent and on your own. Many people you rely on aren 't going to always be there for you and parents unfortunately don 't live forever. It is the ideal dream to one day branch off and be on your own, instead of being dependent on someone else. Growing and going to college or starting your own family is perfect of examples of how majority of our society learns how to be independent. This ideal is one of the most critical and one I value the most in my life. When I was ten my mom and dad decided to send me to basketball camp in Lansing, Michigan. Not too far away from my hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan but is the furthest I 've ever been away from home. My parents choose the camp because it had a good reputation, the camp was founded by isaiah Thomas and had a religious component. They liked that they had an introductory two week program because they didn’t feel I was quite ready for a month away. My parents had sent me to camp because they believed that I would have a positive experience and I had a chance to meet new friends while i learned to play basketball. Both of my parents went to basketball camp when they were young and they wanted to provide that experience to me. They put their trust in the camp and trust into two young counselors with me. When they dropped me off, I was…

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