The Most Important Pieces Of Information You Learned Essay

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Read at least three of these articles. What are the three most important pieces of information you learned?
One of the things that I learned in reading these articles is that individuals can buy assault weapons without showing identification in more than 30 states. I would have never thought that it would be possible to purchase any assault weapons without having to show some identification first. I also learned that it is easier to purchase an assault weapon than it is to vote. I can’t believe that you have to show identification to vote, but yet don’t have to when it comes to buying a weapon. I find that absolutely crazy. I also learned that the statistics of gun deaths are way different than I ever expected. I would have never guessed that 60% of gun deaths are from suicide, 34% are homicides, and about 3% are accidental.

Which two statements did you agree with the most and why?
One statement that I strongly agree with is that gangs have a lot to do with deaths due to assault weapons. As stated in the article, I agree that if we solve the problem of gang violence, and a huge chunk of the gun homicide then violence problem is solved. I agree with this because in Michigan the main cities that are well known for their “gang” activity Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw, are the ones where almost weekly you are hearing of homicides. We need to take control of these matters and start saving lives. Another statement that I agree with is that on the subject of firearms, for example,…

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