The Most Important Periods Of My Life Essay

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I am going to tell you about one of the most important periods in my life; in a period where everything, suddenly, deviated from the ordinary. Therefore, learning and acquiring new skills was the only choice I had. Some of us have experienced that period or something similar to it, however, not all of us faced it with the same way. This period is when you graduate from high school and moved far away from your home/family to study, which for some people, including me, was something extraordinary, something they have not experienced for their past eighteen years. After I graduated from high school in the summer two years ago, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into an extremely competitive scholarship program in my country. This program comprises of two main stages. First of which is an intensive college preparatory year that’s being done directly after high school in my home country. In the second stage, students are sent abroad for four years to study and get a bachelor degree in a specific major. I am going to present you with my experience of this first part –the preparatory year, or as we call it CPP (college preparatory program). At CPP, we studied English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, note-taking, and some programming languages like C++ and Java along with other cultural courses. Each student get combination of the aforementioned courses depending on his major. I acquired a plethora of studying skills and other essential life skills throughout the CPP year.…

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