The Most Important Natural Resources? Essay

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Climate—The Most Important Natural Resource? The Dominican Republic is a country that relies heavily on its climate year after year. One of the largest revenue producers in the country is tourism. In order for tourism to flourish and bring that large portion of revenue for the country, a nice predictable tropical climate is a must. Hiccups in the forecasted climate models, such as hurricanes and abnormal amounts of rainfall, cannot only lead to infrastructure devastation but also to the slowing of economic growth.
Natural Disasters The most prevalent and worrisome natural disasters that the locals and tourist experience year after year in the Dominican are earthquakes and tropical storms or hurricanes. According to the 2017 INFORM-Index for Risk Management report generated by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (2016), the Dominican Republic has had their overall risk score inflated because of the natural disasters they receive on an almost yearly basis. The Dominican Republic received the highest scores (which is not the type of score a country would want to receive) in the “Exposure to tropical cyclone” and “Exposure to earthquake categories being 7.9 and 7.2 respectively (p. 1). The country received an overall INFORM Risk score of 3.4 (which is a score placing it in the “low,” meaning they are low in risk when compared to other countries) so the effects of the dangerous natural disasters are noticeable when compared to the rest of the risks inside the countries…

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