Essay about The Most Important Lesson Taught By Harper Lee

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Courage. What is courage? Can your five senses interact with it? No, because courage is an abstract word used in different scenarios in life. To Kill A Mockingbird is an award-winning novel that is used to teach students indirectly lessons that will benefit them in the future. The most important lesson taught by Harper Lee, the author of this novel, is to try your best to become more courageous and to try new things every once in a while. Scout, the protagonist of this book has shown growing traits of courage in many situations. She implies her knowledge of courage through actions and civil sayings as well as learning more valuable lessons in her life.
Atticus teaches his daughter Scout indirectly lessons about courage through his actions. Near the middle of the story, a rabid dog had come to the Maycomb County causing chaos for the town. Atticus then revealed his secret shooting skill and shot the dog down with one shot. Although his daughter wanted to boast at her school about how her father was once known as a ‘One-Shot Finch’ Jem does not allow her. The fact that Atticus did not want to remind the world of his skill is because he is a man of peace and gave up on his talent since it represented violence. It takes courage for her father to take the shot and kill the dog because Atticus had always told her and Jem that courage can be anything, little or small, it does not always have to be a man with a gun. Atticus also portrays himself as a courageous man when he went…

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