The Most Important Influences On Health Essay

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Education is the most important influences on health in the contemporary United States. With a good education, you don’t only understand the risks that substances like smoking tobacco or drinking have on your life, but with a better education you are usually provided with a better job or career and given more coverage with insurance and health care. People who are poorly educated usually end up getting a job that doesn’t have the best pay, that loses their interest and doesn’t challenge them, and these aspects of a job all could potentially lead to health risks (Mirowsky, 2015). Those who do have a higher education are known to have less stress, which means less health problems, and they have more energy to push themselves to new opportunities (Mirowsky, 2015). With less stress also comes less usage of stress relieving substances. Along with education leading to better physical and mental health, there are other factors that play into the influence on a person’s health, such as a person’s race or social class. These factors play an important role in our country and being aware of these factors may help improve our country’s overall education on health. Education is the most important influence on health outcomes and through higher social class status, race and gender issues, and minority and a dominant group differences, this information will explain why. Being well educated helps a person become a part of a higher social class. Having children born into a higher social…

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