The Most Important Game Of The Season Essay

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t was May 3rd and it was the last game of the season 2014-2015, it was the final game, if we won it we won everything. I slept like five hour that night because I was too much excited and scared. Think that there were a possibility that we could not win scared me so bad, all night I thought about it and I also thought how much I could be sad if we did not win that game, the most important game of the season, maybe of my life. I was very concerned because I knew that there at the game there would be a lot of coaches of other big teams to observe us and find some players who could play in their club. I drank like three cups of chamomile, I could not keep calm. My sister kidding me all the time because I was so excited,maybe she does not know how I was feelings in those moments. I cannot explain with the words I was feelings or how my stomach was. When I woke up I was the most tired person in the world,but still the most determinate to win the games! At the last games of the seasons there are usually four teams who played against in the morning and the winner teams will play against in the afternoon. We played that first game in the morning with all of our grit because one of our dreams were played the final game,of course that is not enough, we wanted win it too! I practice everyday of the months before that day for three hours and I gave all of my heart, my grit, my determination for that game,for this sport. When we won that first game in the morning I was the happiest…

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