The Most Important Factor Of Hinduism Essay

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In todays world, religion can be a strong force that can be pushed upon us. Anyone can believe in whatever religion they feel is right for them. But, no matter what religion you choose to follow, the beliefs are very important in there own way. Its what makes each religion different, special and unique. Hinduiism is one of the oldest religions in the world, perhaps the oldest. It’s a religion that makes a person more civilized and helps one stray on path to liberation. Its a very dynamic religion that has freedom of beliefs, devotional rituals, and vibrant festivals. Its

the first main important factor of Hinduism is spirituality. Hindus believe in one Supreme God and many Gods and Goddesses. God is called Bhagwan, which is known as the all doer and is present in all things of life. He takes birth on earth to fulfill the wishes of devotees and destroy all evil. Hindus highly believe God has created everything and that God resides as a soul within oneself, known as the atma. Many Hindus also worship many different God and Goddesses. These divine forms of the the Gods are very similar to the Western religions, having angels. Hindus believe that the Gods and Goddesses are many different alternative forms of the one Supreme God. Each God and Goddess posse’s different powers. For example, Ganesh, the elephant headed God, who is worshipped in the beginning of all new ventures to grant success and protect against adversity. Many Hindus also believe God to be present in human form…

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