The Most Important Factor For Survival Essay

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The United States military has always placed a high value on its soldiers and their survivability in conflict. We as a nation believe that our citizens deserve the best care we can offer should they become a casualty of war. Since the beginning of combat, almost all fighting forces have utilized some method to evacuate their wounded from the battlefield.
Throughout history we can see different methods that nations have used to evacuate their wounded from the battlefield with varying degrees of success. As these methods evolved people learned that the most important factor for survival is always the time it takes to get the wounded to some form of care. In the past, evacuation by ground was really the only way to transport someone and whether it was by a horse drawn wagon or automobile, the speed of the evacuation was always influenced by the limitations of the ground.
Rescuing people by air is an idea conceived early in the history of flight. In fact, the first record of this credited to Jules Verne 's Robur le Conquérant who saved shipwrecked soldiers with a balloon in 1866.(mercy flight website) Balloons were also used to evacuate more than 160 soldiers during the Siege of Paris in 1870.(mercy flight website)
At the turn of the century however the world and technology were changing and with the invention of the airplane, individuals like Capt. George H.R. Gosman an Army Medical Corps officer designed an aircraft specifically to demonstrate how it could be used for…

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