The Most Important Days Of Your Life Essay

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Upon starting my freshman year in highschool I would always reiterate a specific quote by Mark Twain: “The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you found out why” The significance behind this quote is that it personifies identity. The reason for choosing pharmacy, out of all the medical professions within the medical field is because of the many terms that a pharmacist symbolizes. Terms such as availability/connectivity, dependency, trust, interactive, and being adaptive. Each can be seen as gate words to one another. A pharmacist is a person who is readily available to anyone who is in need of help. Many times a person is sick but their are unable to see a doctor because of an appointment. A pharmacist understands that not everyone can wait for their appointment. This type of perspective that a pharmacist exhibits help formulate both trust and dependency. To enumerate, the understanding of the situation help form a connection between both the pharmacist and the person. From that connection a person becomes more inclined to trust the pharmacist because of the sincere and reliable/dependent care they receive. Equally important is the interactive part of a pharmacist’s job. A pharmacist is a person who is able to interact with different types of people. What others don’t understand is the importance of interacting with different people, as cultures do play a role in medication dispensing. That is why among the health field, a pharmacist can…

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