Essay about The Most Important Days Of My Life

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The countdown to Christmas has begun. Twenty-five days turn to thirteen and before you know it, we were down to one. Christmas Eve was here and the Crump sisters rushed off to bed to await Santa 's arrival. In a flash, midnight had struck and little did I know this was going be one of the most important days of my life. I rose from my bed early that Christmas morning and dashed into the living room to see what I had gotten from Santa. My stocking was full of stuff such as toothbrushes, gum, lotions, candies, and other little knick knacks. I tossed my stocking aside because it didn’t appear to catch my eye as much as the next thing. Laying on the floor was a Wii gaming system for the 3 of us to share. We prided ourselves in the new system as now we were “one of the cool kids”. The shiny gold wrapping paper my parents used to wrap their gifts glistened from the lights of the green, old artificial Christmas tree. Once my parents decided they were ready to get up, we got right to business opening the glorious gifts beneath the tree. I asked for a pair of roller skates much like the navy blue Sketcher quad skates (That 's the skates with the two wheels in the front and two in the back) my parents’ had gotten for my sisters a few years earlier. Finally, it was my turn to open a gift and, naturally, I went straight for the biggest box I could find with hopes that it might just be the pair of skates I had asked for. After shredding the wrapping paper off the large, rectangular…

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